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BioStata: Contract Research Organisation for Clinical Trials

BioStata is a contract research organisation (CRO) specialising in data management, statistics, and DMC monitoring in clinical research.

We assist sponsors of all sizes with the biometric data services required in clinical trials, such as protocol writing, CDISC compliant data mapping , randomisation,
submission, DMC monitoring  , Clinical Data Management , biostatistics and reporting

Each client is important to us

At BioStata, you are not just another client. We strive to maintain long-standing collaborations with our clients, and we value the familiarity and trust we share with each of them.

Our experienced data managers, SAS programmers and statisticians work closely with you, making sure that all clinical trial data are collected, mapped and reported correctly.

Experience matters

We have more than 20 years of experience in clinical trial data management and biometrics services.

This means that we know exactly how to ensure full compliance with formal data requirements and facilitate a timely, hassle-free approval process for your medical treatment or device.

Our standard operating procedures

We follow standard operating procedures with clear guidelines to ensure full compliance with all requirements from international medical authorities.

You can always rely on us to ensure that all our employees receive thorough training in our SOPs before working independently on any client project.

We adapt to your project

We have deliberately kept our contract research organisation small to be able to tailor our data management solutions to your needs rather than asking you to conform to a rigid one-size-fits-all procedure.

Our limited size and the cohesiveness and experience of our team of highly skilled specialists enable us to easily adapt to the scope  of your clinical research project, be it broad or narrow.

When taking on large-scale projects, we draw on the expertise and manpower of trusted external consultants.

Among our external partners are:

JPEP Consult ApS


Headed by experienced Med.Sc.D. Jørgen Petersen Peen, JPEP Consult ApS advises on pharmaceutical drug development and drug safety.

“As a leader in the Life Sciences industry, Biostata ApS continuously innovates, refines, and invests in accelerating clinical trials and leveraging technology to provide the highest quality of services to its customers. Zelta is proud to have partnered with Biostata over the past 10 years and we look forward to continuing this relationship in the future.”

“Viedoc’s eClinical suite offers a wide range of innovative features carefully designed to streamline electronic data capture and enhance cooperation. The Viedoc eClinical suite revolutionizes how forward-thinking organizations like BioStata conduct clinical trials by making each user’s activities and tasks easier, faster, and more enjoyable. We’re thrilled to have BioStata as a part of the Viedoc family and are excited about our future collaboration.”

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BioStata’s history

BioStata was founded by Bjarne Bodin in 2010. He was soon joined by Peter Lipczak, and together, they created a CRO with the deep expertise normally found in large organisations and the flexibility and unity of a tightly knit team.

BioStata is privately owned by the two founding partners, Bjarne and Peter.

Peter Lipczak CEO and founding partner
Direct line: +45 20100556

Prior to joining BioStata in 2011, Peter worked in IT and biometrics for more than 35 years, holding several management positions in various Danish CROs, including Cyncron/Medicon, BioData and Spadille, one of the first Danish CROs. Peter also has an MSc in electronics from DTU.

BioStata’s historical milestones


BioStata was founded by Bjarne Bodin


Peter Lipczak joined BioStata as a partner


BioStata assisted with their 1st DMC project


BioStata expanded and moved to larger offices in Birkerød north of Copenhagen


BioStata expanded again and moved to even larger offices in the same area


BioStata employed 14 employees and 3 freelance consultants


BioStata helped with their 1st FDA submission


BioStata handled their 80th DMC project


BioStata employed 14 employees and 5 freelance consultants

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