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Want to work in a tightly knit team of highly skilled, friendly clinical data specialists?
Then come join us at BioStata.

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Don’t see an open position in your field of expertise?

We would still like to hear from you. We are continually looking for competent data managers, statistical programmers and biostatisticians to join our team.

3 sound reasons to take up a position at BioStata

1. You are part of an experienced team

At BioStata, you become part of a cohesive, experienced team of trained specialists who collaborate responsibly in a friendly, down-to-earth atmosphere.

2.You have room to grow

Whether you are fresh out of uni or have worked in biometrics for years, we ensure that you get the support, challenges and further training you need to grow as a specialist.

3. We learn collectively from mistakes

We run internal audits during each project to evaluate our work and learn how we can better help each other solve problems in future.

“My professional development is very important to me. At BioStata, I was assigned concrete tasks from the get-go and quickly built up a lot of experience. I also like the fact that I’m offered further training and have been assigned to development projects where I get to exercise my creative freedom.”

Josephine, Statistical Programmer at BioStata

Who is BioStata?

BioStata is a contract oesearch Organisation (CRO) specialising in data management and statistics.

Our team of highly competent statisticians, programmers and data managers help small and medium-sized pharmaceutical and medical device organisations manage and analyse research data in clinical trials.

BioStata was founded in 2010 by Bjarne Bodin and Peter Lipczak with the aim of creating the type of workplace they would enjoy working at themselves – one characterised by professional dedication, trust, helpfulness, kindness, shared responsibility, and team spirit.

Become part of a professional family

We want our organisation to feel like a professional family where we pool our efforts and experience to help each other and our clients.

That is why we keep our organisation small and recruit for quality and chemistry rather than quantity.

“I really like the collaborative culture at BioStata. As colleagues, we work closely together across fields of expertise and have each other’s backs. We always keep an eye out for each other and share the workload, even at our busiest.”

Rasmus, Senior Statistical Programmer at BioStata

Work on your terms

We believe that work should adapt to life, not the other way around, and we trust you to work responsibly, whether from the office or from home.

For some tasks, it is necessary to be physically present at the office or at the client’s site, but we make it a priority to ensure a good work-life balance.

Your first 3 months at BioStata

Intro week

During your first week at BioStata, we will schedule sit-downs with each of your new colleagues, so you can get to know each other and understand each other’s contribution to our services.

You will quickly become familiar with your new professional family and become an integrated part of the team.

SOP training

Depending on your experience, you will spend the first month or two studying our standard operating procedures (SOP).

While you do, you will work alongside a more experienced colleague, who will help you ensure that your work meets our guidelines.

Building up a routine

Once you are familiar with our procedures, you will start finding your routine as part of one of our professional trial teams in your own right. Depending on your experience, we expect you to be up to full speed within 3-12 months.

You will be involved in a great variety of projects and work with a multitude of clients. Your tasks will vary from day to day, and new challenges arise as each project progresses.

But one thing you can always rely on at BioStata is that you have a bunch of helpful, supportive colleagues at your back.

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